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June 14, 2012

Wizards Collection: Content Revealed

We came across this amazing image of the content to be included inside the Wizard's Collection, to be released later this year in September. While there is still more content to be confirmed, we can see that there may be our very own Horcrux of the Slytherin Locket! And a parchment of some sort... perhaps Dumbledore's Army list? Also new to the image are the discs to be included in the boxset. Each movie will have a set of three or four discs in a book-like case. More images to come!

Not sure how I feel about this boxset just yet ... other than the Horcrux Locket and the discs (which cost nearly nothing to manufacture) it's mostly paper reproductions and content ranging from 10 years to 8 months old ... is it really worth the pricetag??? The extended editions for all 8 movies should have been included in this; isn't it meant to be the mother of Harry Potter boxsets, after all?

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